Asda horrifies shoppers with controversial ‘secret ingredient’ in stir fry recipe

Asda has horrified shoppers after it shared a recipe for a stir fry with a “secret ingredient”.

The supermarket often shares simple-to-follow recipes with customers who may be looking for new and exciting dishes to make at home.

But their latest suggestion has proven a step too far for some, reports Manchester Evening News.

Taking to Instagram, the food giant gave fans the details on how to make a chicken stir fry with bold claims that it’s ready ‘quicker than a home delivery.’

However, people were left pretty disgusted after Asda suggested adding an unlikely ‘secret’ ingredient – Fanta.

One person commented: “That looks like I dont want to eat it!”

Another wrote: “What the hell.”

“No. Just no,” said a third.

While a fourth commented: “Bleugh!! No thanks.”

But there were a couple of fans that were eager to give it a try, as one person said: “This is lovely and also Diet Coke chicken is gorgeous too don’t knock it until you tried it xx.”

And: “I’d give it a go,” wrote another.

But not all of Asda’s recipes have been met with such distaste as it got involved in a viral TikTok trend that involves a tortilla.

The store shared its own version of the recipe on Instagram where it used its white tortilla wraps, which cost 89p for a pack.

To follow the technique you simply cut a tortilla wrap down the middle until the halfway point to make a split, which will allow you to fold it.

Then add the filling of your choice to each quarter, before carefully folding over each section into the next.

Pop your triangle wrap onto the grill and enjoy – the opportunities are endless.

The hack was a huge hit online, as it has been liked over 6,000 times.